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As it stands, Netflix doesn't appear to have any plans on exporting their shows elsewhere and who can blame them really. Still, in the event that Netlix does want to 'syndicate' some of their shows so to speak, what would you like to see? Sense8 and Stranger Things comes to mind for me, not mention all of those Marvel stuff they have...
Same as title. Which previous layout you miss the most?
Same as title. And obviously my mug would be the first one to be depicted.
Same as title. Do you remember anything from your childhood games? I remember playing the first Crash Bandicoot title and I though those tribesmen were Hula Girls wielding red surfboards. Still do I guess... Games were rather ambiguous back then. As for the PS2 side of things, the Cloister of Trials in FFX were rather cool and that left me wanting more of them.
Nick entered the academy, confident that his dreams will finally come true. The lobby was simple enough: A simple fountain in center and a solitary desk currently manned by a cougar. A screen above him read 93. Nick's own little slip of paper had 106 on it. It was going to be a long wait indeed. With nothing else to do, Nick decided to sit down and listen to something. He settled on 'Dancing By the Moonlight' by Prowlers of the Night. It was one of Nick's favourite bands as he grew up. Seconds turned to minutes. Minuted turned to hours. Finally, the number 106 appeared on the screen. Slightly trembling, Nick slowly approached the desk.

- Hi! I am Nick Wilde and I would like to enroll myself into the Academy. Nick said, trying to sound a professional as possible.

- Do you have the application form? The cougar manning the desk replied, sounding slightly bored. Evidently he didn't like doing desk work at all.

Nick handed the paper to the cougar. Again, Nick would feel butteflies in his stomach. What if they would reject him? What if his criminal past is already known to the ZPD at large? After a few minutes, the cougar stamped the form and returned it to Nick.

- Looks like everything is in order. So, it truly seems like famous Nicholas P. Wilde has decided join the police. It seems Judy Hopps has had a good influence on you.

- You could say that, yes. She has been my moral support for these past few months.

- Now that everything's said and done, looks like you're all set. Jenny Frost, our resident instructor, would be quite pleased to have you here. The classes start in about two weeks. Make sure to be here as soon as possible.

- Oh, don't worry about that. I'm a fox of my word. Always has been. Also, if you do happen to see Carr--- I mean Judy Hopps, be sure to give her my regards. Two weeks you said? Well, better to go home and prepare myself. Ciao!

Nick then excited to Academy, looking towards the challenges that would await him on his journey to become a cop.
Soon-to-be Cop
Nick, the saviour of Zootopia has seen it all. And now he's ready to enroll at the ZPD Police Academy.

Watch me play Team Fortress 2.


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